14 Jan 2014 22:03:20
Regular readers will recall I confirmed the Defoe deal to MLS Toronto months ago. So here are a few updates regarding transfer activities:

1. Defoe will join MLS Toronto as we all now know, but will remain at Spurs following the January window.
(100% Chance) All agreed and now common news.

2. Lewis Holtby has provisionally agreed a loan switch to Schalke FC. He is desperate to get first team regular football to secure his place in the German line up.
(80% Chance) Minor contractual details to be defined and agreed.

3. Karl Darlow has agreed terms to join Spurs in January, surely spelling the end to Gomes and Freidel. Simply a fantastic prospect and one of the few capable of pushing Lloris for a first team spot.
(100% Chance) Terms agreed

4. Vucinic has provisionally agreed to join Spurs for £5m, but there are a few hurdles still to be finalised.
(75% Chance) Vucinic likely to join Spurs

5. Various STRIKING options have been kept open, as West Ham have opened preliminary discussions with Spurs over a possible Adebayor switch.
(30% Chance) - Adebayor likely to stay, unlikely but not a forlorn hope.

6. Javier Hernandez rumours are true, but the discussion were concluded quickly with an abrupt door slamming from Man Utd.
(5% Chance) - As likely as Falcao joining Chelsea which is very remote at best.

7. Lescott was also a tentative rumour, but it seems West Ham are in pole position for his services if he decides to leave.
(0% Chance) - No Chance of Lescott

8. Luke Shaw is wanted by everyone including Spurs, but there is not chance of him leaving in January.
(0% Chance) - No chance of Shaw

9. Mohamed Salah was a possible option, but it seems Liverpool have closed the deal.
(0% Chance) - No chance of Salah

10. Urby Emanuelson is of great interest, but whilst possible it seems Levy's valuation is miles off AC Milan's.
(25% Chance) Emanuelson Likely to stay at Milan

11. Berbatov is always a fairy tale possibility, but it seems Fulham have refused to listen to any advances as they fight relegation.
(5% Chance)

12. Alvaro Morata on loan was always a fantastic proposition, but it seems Real Madrid have one rule for them and another for us when it comes to dealings. Arsenal have jumped in front of Levy and literally gazumped all discussions.
(15% chance)

1.) 14 Jan 2014
Oh bless, out on probation again?

2.) 14 Jan 2014
All of the above "facts" available to anyone capable of reading article, within minutes on the web

3.) 15 Jan 2014
What about Fletcher Oracle? Welcome back, I enjoy reading your posts but I can't remember you saying anything about Defoe to Toronto, you haven't posted since the rumour started have you? You were spot on about Damiao please keep us informed on any other transfer news.

4.) 15 Jan 2014
I thought we had got rid of this delusional fool? ramblings of a an internet troll . The Thrush has never predicted anything of value that could not have been found on the internet, his instance that he is ITK has been laughable for years and yet he still persists – still waiting for Damiao to turn up at the lane.
Read it, laugh at it and move on.

5.) 15 Jan 2014
OH GOD .He`s back with more self righteous bu11$hit, have you been let out early for good behaviour or suspended from school? Not sure I can handle any more of your blatant copy and pasting from newsnow Tottenham! off with you!

Much love

6.) 15 Jan 2014
Is there a chance we can sign dal mr o or move to the Olympic stadium

7.) 15 Jan 2014
This " special relationship" with Madrid we have is simple, they buy all our best players and in exchange we get a 10% discount voucher to use in their club shop

8.) 15 Jan 2014
Haven`t you learned yet Boracle, we don`t believe a word you say!

Much love

9.) 15 Jan 2014
Thank you all

{Ed008's Note - Welcome Back!

10.) 16 Jan 2014
Spurski I delighted to be back and now you can see why I left Fletcher out of the list. Simply he was never even considered, and one of a thousand lies printed in the press.

11.) 16 Jan 2014
Lol so the oracle has proved he is also the eminence with that reply. So that also means this deluded fool argues with himself, you can't make this stuff up. Keep it up eminacle!