20 Nov 2019 09:38:45
Absolutely delighted, boys wake up the man is a serial winner, how many managers out there have a cv like his. Do you want Eddie Howe or a man who has won 3 European cups with 3 different clubs.

1.) 20 Nov 2019
20 Nov 2019 10:13:45
How did that work out at United? And how will it end 2 1/ 2 seasons from now at most.

I hope you’re right Raver . but I have my doubts.

2.) 20 Nov 2019
20 Nov 2019 12:39:31
How much money has he spent to get a CV like that raver.
He's not renowned for bringing in young players

Having said that. Let's see what he can do.
He's 1st task will be get us into the top 4.

I agree about Eddie Howe raver. I wouldn't want him. that's a step backwards IMO

Anyway - Up the spurs.

3.) 20 Nov 2019
20 Nov 2019 15:01:47
This is going to end in tears, I can feel it.
9 points off top 4, with Leicester and Chelsea both playing well, City and Liverpool duking it out for top spot. Can't see top 4 being attainable for you guys.

Mourinho will likely get you 5th, then he'll throw a hissy fit in the summer when Levy refuses to give him an extortionate amount of money to spend.

4.) 20 Nov 2019
20 Nov 2019 15:33:03
Mourinho career has gone backwards, talk about a fall from grace, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Man U and now spurs 😂🤣😂.

5.) 20 Nov 2019
20 Nov 2019 17:06:29
A little bit like your football club Oddbod.

Top 4 champions league, top 4 champions league. Ooohhh hold up. Europa League.

6.) 20 Nov 2019
20 Nov 2019 18:58:53
Your team likes to play attacking football, your chairman is careful with the cash, what could possibly go wrong? He’s a man from the past, a very silly appointment.

7.) 20 Nov 2019
20 Nov 2019 19:52:24
AJH Couldn’t agree more . the only worse appointment we could have made would be Unai Emery.

{Ed047's Note - or OGS Yellow Card

8.) 20 Nov 2019
20 Nov 2019 20:35:42
Yellow one thing is for sure. He’ll definitely have a point to prove. He’ll want to silence all them critics. Which can only be a plus.

The football will definitely change along that journey. Will he bring silverware? his cv would suggest so.
Time will tell I guess. He’ll certainly have a presence.

Or you can hear it now. West Ham fans singing “you’re getting sacked in the morning” 😂😂😂

“ you’re not special anymore”.

9.) 20 Nov 2019
20 Nov 2019 20:35:56
Wodbod sounds jealous that spurs have signed the special one while st Arsenal they are stuck with unai emmoroids🤣😂🤣.

10.) 20 Nov 2019
20 Nov 2019 21:13:49
DR - I don’t expect José (nor Levy) to have changed . so I’d agree with all you said.

Silverware . Carabo cup most likely, maybe FA Cup and the Thursday night cup before it goes bad. Qualifying for CL next season would have to go down as success based on how far behind the Top 4 we currently are.

Given that José is usually in and out in under 3 full seasons I don’t see the finances being there for a serious run at the PL, our defense needs to be rebuilt from scratch. Though if José implements his usual “ sit back and counter attack” philosophy maybe he can get another year or 2 out of Verts and Toby if they stay and don’t have to cover so much ground through a high press, they were never the fastest and they’re getting slower.

I have to admit the January transfer window will be a lot more interesting now . I don’t imagine Eriksen or Rose having voiced desire to leave will be feeling to comfortable.

11.) 21 Nov 2019
20 Nov 2019 23:53:24
Great appointment. You will win a trophy. Worry about 3 years from now in 3 years enjoy the ride. Embrace jose and you will get the best from him.
Btw poch spent 430m jose didn't spent that at United.
He will leave on a sour note but you will win before that happens.
Best of luck.

12.) 21 Nov 2019
21 Nov 2019 06:47:49
Raver, I’m so glad you got Mourinho and sacked Poch. Ask any Man U fan who they would rather have and that says it all. The last time you played against Mourinho at Old Trafford your fans were singing “your not special anymore” and now you are calling him the special one 🤣😂😂.

13.) 21 Nov 2019
21 Nov 2019 14:20:02
Oddbod, He's inheriting a better squad at Spurs than he did at UTD, He'll also have a point to prove. He would have also leaned lessons.

You watch, We'll be over taking you very soon.

14.) 21 Nov 2019
21 Nov 2019 18:04:52
So why hasn’t your squad preformed this year then?

15.) 22 Nov 2019
22 Nov 2019 01:54:22
Can’t claim overtaking Arsenal as success.

{Ed047's Note - clearly you all have done which when you look at how pathetic Arsenal have been for the last five years minimum is zero to shout about.

Big clubs win trophies mate. A shiny new stadium and training ground counts for zip if you don’t put silverware on the table.

16.) 22 Nov 2019
22 Nov 2019 11:11:36
Ed047 - no argument from me about the need to win trophies.

Makes me wonder if Jose’s appointment is a tactical move towards ENIC selling the club . everything else in place, training facilities and stadium . now need some silverware to complete the package.

{Ed047's Note - who knows mate and I hear Mourinho has said you can win the league next season which like you say would complete the package.

Even as a gooner I think it would be great for you to achieve that with everything else you’ve done over the last few years.