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17 Jan 2017 18:51:49
Evening Ed's,

Do you have any news on incomings? Any whispers are we looking to bring anyone in.?

{Ed002's Note - There is nothing new right now DR.}

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16 Jan 2017 06:14:03
Hey Ed, are the Spurs still interested in Wilfried Zaha? Thanks.

{Ed002's Note - Yes.}

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13 Jan 2017 19:44:31
I might be off soon in the Subaru, I've just received a phone call from my agent that a few clubs in china want the raver. They have offered me a new Subaru, a lifetime of marching powder and liquid refreshments but I want the same money as Diego costa 30 million a year CRAZY MONEY

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13 Jan 2017 23:22:46
This could derail Chelsea's season along with the battering spurs gave them last week. It lookslike he wants the money, ironic that a player could leave Chelsea for money.

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16 Jan 2017 08:48:15
I agree Ellis. How times have changed. Surely as a footballer you'd want to play in the Champions League. Or the PL - The PL has to be the best in the World. As they say money talks. If I was Roman I'd chuck him in the reserves and ruin his career.

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12 Jan 2017 20:13:34
We are very keen on Ryan Sessegnon, could be that Davies will be sold.

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09 Jan 2017 13:22:47
One player we haven't missed is Lamela. I would move him on if we could get a good price for him.

Ed's do you know if there has been any interest in the player.?

{Ed002's Note - There has been no interest.}

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09 Jan 2017 17:00:18
No way I'd sell Lamela. He was fantastic last year as well as this season before his injury.

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10 Jan 2017 17:46:35
Dr thfc and oracle you say I talk rubbish and I don't know anything about football, so tell me what I've said to back up that claim then?

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10 Jan 2017 23:13:25
Your a Gooner say no more

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10 Jan 2017 23:25:05
Thought so.

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07 Jan 2017 19:41:45
We have bid for Bruma of Galatasary.

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02 Jan 2017 17:55:40
Hi ed002,

Would you have time to give a some sort of list of potential Spurs targets for January? I'd love Isco but I'm not too hopeful of us getting him if he would be available. Do Spurs still hold interest in Tielemans?

{Ed002's Note - January will be difficult as clubs don't want to sell and players may still be involved with Europe. So I don't expect too much to happen - but the right player at the right price could change that. However, they continue to look around:
Youri Tielemans (I would discount him - there is one club pushing right now and they are likely not in a position to do anything in January)
Niklas Sule (look at but won't happen)
Ante Coric (interest but nothing is happening write now)
Isco (could well be one of the big moves of the winter and there is growing interest from elsewhere)
Bruma (interest is there and he could p[otentially be available in January - Arsenal and Manchester United have both looked at him as well.)
Amadou Diawara (Napoli won't look to sell - and if they do I doubt Spurs will be able to strike a deal)
Moussa Marega (liverpool has also shown interest - complication over January is he is on loan right now which means look again in the summer or pay compensation)
Christian Pulisic (won't move in January)
Franck Kessie (I am going to discount Spurs as there is a lot of interest in him from other clubs and he is still pretty raw with little experience - but the asking price is through the roof)
Javier Hernandez (Spurs have asked about his availability but nothing more as far as I know right now)
Jacob Murphy (Spurs and Liverpool are both interested but any January deal will likely be dependent on a loan back until the summer)
Marcelo Brozovic (Spurs have asked about his availability but the asking price will put them off if they wish to push)
Wilfried Zaha (won't be sold in January)
Saido Berahino (Spurs have looked at him and I would not rule out a move - but can he be more than a cheap stop gap?)

Outbound I would not expect much:
Kevin Wimmer (Southampton may look to him if they accept an offer for van Dijk - Wolfsburg has spoken with his agent) }

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03 Jan 2017 16:55:56
Is there anything to the Max Meyer rumors?

{Ed002's Note - He does however fit the bill of a young attacking midfield player which prompted previous bids from Chelsea (who would have sent him on loan for one season before integrating him in to the squad) and Fiorentina in 2014. Schalke 04 do not want to sell the player and made it clear to Spurs and Milan who were showing an interest this past summer that any move was unlikely. The player has shared his desire to play in Spain with Real Madrid or Barcelona or to play in England. Other sides such as Bayern Munich, Liverpool and Arsenal watched him last season but had no real interest. If Liverpool were to lose Coutinho and/or Firmino he could be a player they may look to. Spurs remain interested but Shalke want to keep him so they might return in the summer but right now there is nothing going on that I am aware of.}

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05 Jan 2017 04:03:56
Ed who has that growing interest in Isco? Is it Bayern?

{Ed002's Note - Arsenal, Manchester United and Juventus have all had Isco watched by scouting staff this season but it is Manchester City and Bayern Munich who are showing ebough of an interest to make an offer if he becomes available.}

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05 Jan 2017 12:57:33
Oh well. Ed wouldn't that practically rule out Spurs because of wages and all?

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09 Jan 2017 01:53:13
Ed, you mentioned Javier Hernandez. Do you know if the talk of him and teammates having issues is true? Could he be asking for a move?

{Ed002's Note - No they are not.}

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02 Jan 2017 17:55:40
Hi ed002,

Would you have time to give a some sort of list of potential Spurs targets for January? I'd love Isco but I'm not too hopeful of us getting him if he would be available. Do Spurs still hold interest in Tielemans?

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01 Jan 2017 16:34:15
Anything on Jean - Kevin Augustin Ed?

{Ed002's Note - Could be a year old bit of news Jerrylee.

There have been discussions between PSG a number of sides regarding a 6 or even 18 month loan (including Angers, Lens, Caen and Laval) for around a year for Jean-Kevin Augustin. An approach from Arsenal was rejected in the summer of 2015 and an approach from Spurs was rejected in January 2016. Borussia Dortmund have declared an interest in Augustin as they prepare to need to make changes to their forward line but he is not their first choice. If he were to be made available for sale then Lille and Rennes would likely also be interested. Rennes may offer another viable loan option having turned down taking a player from Real Madrid.}

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01 Jan 2017 21:37:20
Thank you. I did hear we were considering again. As with jese but I understand he's off to romance now. Not a rumour ed but just personal preference as, I like these two but how settled are Naby keita and Julian brandt?

{Ed002's Note - NK is going nowhere. Arsenal have looked again at JB.}

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02 Jan 2017 09:57:40
Cheers Ed, you know I meant roma and not romance right? Happy new year to you all.

{Ed002's Note - Happy new year JerryLee - as you are a Spurs supporter I tend to keep an open mind.}

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27 Dec 2016 08:06:09
Lots of rumours about Barkley, Zaha, Coric, Depay. Good chance of any of these happening or do we need more developments for these to even be plausible with clubs not wanting to sell in January?

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28 Dec 2016 00:19:05
These are exactly the type of player we need, albeit expensive if we attract them in January. Love to see us force Big Sams hand with a £20m bid for Zaha and a loan of Harry Winks.

Memphis Depay looked a world beater before being left to rot on the bench at Old Trafford, I would love to see us try a cheeky £15m and see if they really want him.

Barkley would be the ideal player to take us to the next level. Dembele is classy but injury prone, and I think Barkley offfers so much more. If we can somehow give them Sissoko and £10m I think we would have stolen him.

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28 Dec 2016 09:45:06
Barkley is horrible I think Everton would drive him to you if you offered that much.

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28 Dec 2016 12:34:43
Zaha is not consistent enough.

The equivalent of 40m for Barkley . I guess it's not your money and he struggles to maintain a starting role at Everton. there's better out there for that kind of money. I'd give Sissoko till the end of the season, there has been signs of life lately - though not 30m worth.

Depay for 15m - an interesting gamble, but the London night clubs are already calling his name.

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28 Dec 2016 13:26:50
I heard unt wanted something pretty unrealistic for depay, he's probably worth a pop at 15mil but not sure that would be enough to get him and I doubt unt would want to sell to Spurs right now as they are direct competition this year.

{Ed002's Note - Spurs has no interest in Depay.}

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28 Dec 2016 16:20:06
As soon as Spurs are linked with a player oracle thinks he's a world beater!

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30 Dec 2016 07:05:01
Ed can you tell us who spurs have interest in or will try to get in January? A small list if not your regular comprehensive list, please?

{Ed002's Note - Remind me in a few days please.}

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30 Dec 2016 10:27:17
Sure! Best wishes for the coming year to you and the rest of the editors!

{Ed002's Note - Thanks. Enjoy what remains of the holidays.}

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