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13 Nov 2017 18:58:55
Apparently Leon Goretzka had a meeting/ dinner with Pochettino last week at Beast restaurant in Marylebone.

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09 Nov 2017 08:34:30
interesting reading snippets from Pochs book about loyalty, team work, development and then the story when they went to Argentina white water rafting with Levy and the incident that occured.

When I think back of how Sol treat this amazing club of ours, wonder how he would have reacted in that situation. shows ones character and true self.

In Poch we trust.

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05 Nov 2017 09:13:43
Dangerous game today gents, Palace are not a bottom of the league team with their squad. still think we'll get a 3 - 1 victory.

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01 Nov 2017 22:17:27
Anyone else watch Tottenham Hotspur absolutely batter and embarrass Real Madrid tonight? Madrid fans were crying.

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03 Nov 2017 11:22:31
buzzing. keep it up boys.

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01 Nov 2017 22:13:48
I didn't see the game as I’m away, raver. Ellis, NES, is Zidane getting the sack in the morning. C’mon you Lilly whites I bet Wembley was rocking.

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03 Nov 2017 11:23:54
party night DR. hopefully continues. he he.

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03 Nov 2017 11:26:05
oh it was rocking. great night.

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01 Nov 2017 21:50:26
It's the raver coming through in his famous Subaru with Julio Iglesias on full blast on the cd system. What a difference a week makes 168 little hours as this time last week I was Debbie downer after the west ham game and now I feel like Heidi high after watching spurs demolish the biggest club in world football. I also said this morning that spurs would win and score 3 and I'm right as usual, I'm now off to Stringfellows to get smashed and see some senoritas and when I get home wodbod I'm going to have a bowl of kellogs frosties as I'm feeling greeaaaat.

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30 Oct 2017 16:37:58
Some news that's come my way today, been told that Tierney of Celtic is being watched every game now and that Rose will be sold in the summer. Also Zaha is again a top target.

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30 Oct 2017 18:27:34
How many times does Kieron tierney have to say he is playing at the only club he has ever wanted to play at hopefully the NEW 6 year contract he has signed today will get the message across he is not for moving.

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30 Oct 2017 21:05:46
Should help Celtic get a nice and high transfer fee for the lad.

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26 Oct 2017 14:48:04
guys it's not possible to stay in every competition all the way to the end. and of all the competitions were are/ were in, this one is the one to bin early. that said I hope Poch learned a lot from the players that started that game last night. and its more the manner on which we lost for me.

that said, we move on.

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26 Oct 2017 17:27:24
So your saying you had a good result then 😂.

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27 Oct 2017 14:44:53
I get the impression that you have to answer every Spurs post with any old something, just so you feel like you've had your say?

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28 Oct 2017 07:30:35
Any old something lol.

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28 Oct 2017 16:00:11
or full of sugar. which ever works best for you.

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26 Oct 2017 10:46:33
Spurs clearly playing for the league cup this year, not one youth player in the starting lineup.

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23 Oct 2017 17:50:51
big couple of weeks coming up. 1 game down and a great result. this will be a test for the 'squad'

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26 Oct 2017 10:57:04
You were tested and lost, one man team comes to mind LMAO.

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26 Oct 2017 19:25:31
Its not possible to start or finish a premier league, FA cup match or league cup match with A 1 MAN team. FACT.

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26 Oct 2017 21:31:15
Sanchez off the Titanic.

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