09 Jul 2020 20:02:45
Im driving miserable with green day on the sounds system with wake me up when the season ends heading to canvey island to watch the tide go out and it will be more fun than watching this awful anti football, the way I'm feeling I might walk out to sea and end this painful miserable life following this football club, LEVY, LEWIS, JURASSIC PARK GET OUT OF THE CLUB.

1.) 09 Jul 2020
09 Jul 2020 22:30:37
πŸ˜… Good old Raver!
Damn VAR, we gained a point tonight πŸ™„
My cousin's just been decorating his place so I'm off there to watch the paint dry πŸ˜….

2.) 10 Jul 2020
10 Jul 2020 08:31:13
Not one shot on target against Bournemouth lol.

3.) 10 Jul 2020
10 Jul 2020 10:28:11
Yep, it’s pitiful no question about that. I think the special ones next trophy might be the championship cause he looks out of his depth at this level with this team.

4.) 10 Jul 2020
10 Jul 2020 15:06:58
It was quite an achievement wasn't it Oddbod πŸ˜….