18 Dec 2018 20:29:52
Do we have concerns about Poch being off in the summer. Hmmmmm! If they come calling and he turns them down. Then Levy should back him all the way.

1.) 18 Dec 2018
18 Dec 2018 22:42:57
Realistically though, he wouldn't turn United down if he was offered the role.

2.) 19 Dec 2018
19 Dec 2018 00:04:20
i don't think he needs to go their, tottenham have a very bright future, new stadium, best training facilities, a young squad that can only get better, as long as funds are made available to him to make some improvements to the squad.

3.) 19 Dec 2018
19 Dec 2018 11:14:08
I agree, he didn't need to leave Southampton either but he chose to, it is a natural progression. There is no doubt that Spurs are a far better team than United currently but Poch would probably be confident that he can take the next step in his career at United and he knows he would get the funds to help him.