21 Apr 2018 20:13:35
I felt very uneasy when I saw no Toby and no Lloris. Let's be honest, Vorm is a very average keeper. I don't care that he played all cup games to date. This was a semi final and against United. His attempt for United's winner was pathetic. Surely he should have stuck out his leg. He didn't have time to get down to it!
No playing Toby was criminal, especially after his performance mid week. You don't leave off one of the best center halves in the World now that he is fir again. I believe that had Toby played, neither of United's goals would have been scored. He certainly would not have allowed Sanchez to turn and play the ball across the box.
Poch must take the blame for this loss due to his team selection. I am devestated. Pauli.

{Ed004's Note - Not here to gloat just curious about the Alderwerield situation. Would Spurs fans still classify him as your best centre back? Everytime I've seen Vertonghen play this season he's been seriously impressive. His ball playing ability is up there with the best in the world and Sanchez while a bit rash has the athleticism to cover for Vertonghen. Just wondering if the contract situation wasn't in play would Toby be a garunteed starter?}

1.) 22 Apr 2018
22 Apr 2018 02:55:52
Still going to be weird how we dismantled last years defense in 1 season.

2.) 22 Apr 2018
22 Apr 2018 03:33:50
You were unlucky in a sense that Herrera should have been hooked for grabbing Ali’s foot and Valencia could have seen red but as soon as united scored Jt was al them. I felt you would lose when I saw Vorm and I’m sorry but that Sanchez is awful, makes 75 million for VVD look like a bargain. Hope you find a better partner for Vertonghen.

3.) 22 Apr 2018
22 Apr 2018 06:50:12
Sanchez is improving but there are many games which painfully remind us of his experience. His physicality helps Verts go forward more, which is nice, but every now and then a rash decision causes too much grief for us. I'm hoping Poch can make a better defender out of him!

4.) 22 Apr 2018
22 Apr 2018 02:55:16
We could be playing 3 at the back like when Alderweireld was fit Ed.

Toby is great but for me Vertonghen has been the better of the Belgians for this season and the last.

{Ed004's Note - I thought from recollection Dier dropped in to make it a back 3 but it really was a formiddable backline yous had last season with Walker, Alderwereild, Vertoghen and Rose all on form}

5.) 22 Apr 2018
22 Apr 2018 10:44:22
Cesar there was stepping on the backs of legs and everything from both sets of players. But your the first I've heard looking for a red card unbelievable.
Of course you would look at the negative side of the game.
At least the pitch was wet.