03 Aug 2017 09:59:45
With all the previous experience of recent transfer windows, you would not believe that we could make such a pigs ear of It!
Whilst I appreciate that we can't compeat with the big 5 or 6 on spending power and wages, we are becoming a laughing stock.
It simply seems like we are the last kid to be selected for the school football team, we wait whilst everyone selects who they want and then we can rummage around to see who is left for us to buy.
Also previous tactics used to squeeze every penny out of each sale, whilst trying to under pay for every purchase are coming back to bite us! Depressed!

1.) 03 Aug 2017
03 Aug 2017 23:06:10
The problem we've got nobby imois that we've got such a strong first eleven it's going to be very hard to find someone good enough to get into the team add the fact were not one of the highest payers in wages were going to struggle but 3 descent squad players plus lamela coming back and maybe marcus Edwards and one other getting promoedti first team squad we Will be more than fine COYS.

2.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 06:03:18
If you've got such a strong first 11 how come they haven't won anything?

3.) 05 Aug 2017
05 Aug 2017 00:26:23
We won the battle for champions league. See us spurs fans are realistic and don't punch above our weight. We are happy with what we are doing and can see a future not just living on the past!

4.) 05 Aug 2017
05 Aug 2017 08:45:31
Gunnerbod, Wenger has been telling everyone for years that finishing in the top 4 is the same as winning a trophy.