01 Mar 2015 20:31:28
No good playing good, and loosing would rather play crap and win, forget players enic and levy excuses 11 players had a chance today reached the pinnacle top level, chance to make history and failed Erickson tried as did all of them but they did not give that extra which winning teams and world stars have, that makes the difference between been remembered or forgotten, to do is to dare the players did not do or dare today .

1.) 01 Mar 2015
Having possession and playing good are not the same thing. Thought we learnt that lesson under AVB.

Chelsea played good, they won. For all the possession we had, look at the number of shots we had on target.

2.) 01 Mar 2015
Man city and chelsea have finances beyond the realms of everyone else. Sadly the premiership has become la liga.
so much for fifa fair play.

{Ed002's Note - Chelsea has made a profit on sales the past three windows. Try to avoid the feeble excuses.}

3.) 01 Mar 2015
Can you not just be proud of your team dispite the result for once, why ever would Harry Kane have it on his toes first chance he gets with such tremendous support you give the team on this page.

4.) 02 Mar 2015
02 Mar 2015 08:56:12
and all this coming from a gooner - is it wenger in or out this week? I can't remember, it changes so often I get confused, lol

5.) 02 Mar 2015
I'm assuming ed002 is a Chelsea fan. I typed out a long post giving him reasons for Paul's post about Chelsea and Man City. I wasn't aggresive. Didn't swear. He just hasn't posted it because he didn't like it. Quality site this is. Censorship at the highest level.

{Ed001's Note - Do you think he waits around for you to post so he can delete it?? Grow up. He volunteers to help for nothing and is here when he can. Censorship at the highest level? Do you think your crappy ignorant diatribe about Chelsea is worth censoring? You posted a load of dreaming about the situation which showed a lack of understanding of the world of football, it probably should have been deleted really rather than held for Ed002 to reply! Typical of the fans who have no idea what good management is. Abramovich spent nothing like the lies you made out, most of the money he spent went on removing debt from mismanagement in the Bates' era and on the training ground etc, not playing staff. But bitterness will never see the truth and you are clearly bitter about Chelsea's success.}

6.) 02 Mar 2015
That's your opinion. This is a banter opinions site. It's only your opinion. No one else can post an opinion because you refuse to post my opinion. You tell me to grow up when you all throw your toys out of your pram when a post about your beloved Chelsea is not to your liking and you delete it. I've made my point I think.

{Ed001's Note - my beloved Chelsea? I am not a Chelsea fan. Shows how ignorant you are. You have not made any point, just whined like a baby because your post hasn't appeared immediately, like you are so special your view is that important!}

7.) 02 Mar 2015
By the way. If you post my posts, then I can be educated as to why I am wrong. People will respond and I can read their arguments against my views. I'm not bitter at all. I only posted my view and you all go off on one

{Ed001's Note - still more moaning......}

8.) 02 Mar 2015
Well done ed. quality. Hypocrite.

{Ed001's Note - thanks.}

9.) 03 Mar 2015
02 Mar 2015 20:58:19
Ed001, I replied to a comment of yours on the Chelsea page a couple of days ago about developing Chaloboah rather than them buying Pogba and it wasn't shown. I admit I was having a pop at Chelsea but it was a fair post without any abuse whatsoever.

Lets be honest Chelsea have brought their success. They may of made a profit but that's from sales of players like Luiz, De Bruyne eg whilst trying to comply with ffpr's. The only players to come through their development teams since John Terry is Bertrand who played one game in their CL win I think and Ake. They buy ready made players instead.

Most fans don't have your knowledge and particularly ed002 on how the modern game is run but it is quite obvious that Abramovich' s money has set them up to where they are now. Its hard for rival fans to take withour having a dig and maybe sounding bitter.

Chelsea have gotten some unbelievable prices for their sales of players with Luiz being the obvious one and that has helped them out or imo digged them out of any sanctions from the ffprs.

{Ed001's Note - I didn't see any post on Chalobah or Pogba, I don't deal a lot with the Chelsea page as they only tend to ask questions of Ed002 and we have a Chelsea editor in Ed018. I do wonder why people get so uptight about Abramovich when every successful club, whether it be Liverpool, Chelsea, Man Utd or Spurs, have had their initial success on the back of a rich chairman putting money in. The amounts may have grown in recent years, but the principle has always been the same.}

10.) 04 Mar 2015
Ed002, yes they have made a profit in the last few windows. So have Spurs. But when your squad is full of £30/50 million players, (financed by an individual at a cost of nearly a billion over a period of a few seasons) some will get sold that haven't worked out and some new ones will come in at £30/50 million a pop. I can understand Paul's point about Man City and Chelsea. Example. Sunderland/Newcastle start on a level field. Decentish prem squads. Mike
ashley wins the lottery. Spends half a billion remoulding the squad at Newcastle. Now, in future windows they both might turn a small profit or loss in a window. But Newcastle are trading £30/50 million players. Sunderland are trading £8/10 million players. Simple question, who should be more successful? Manchester United are trying to buy their way back in. It ain't working. Yet. I don't think Paul is making excuses. I think they are facts. Barcelona and real will always be up their in Spain. I wonder why.

{Ed002's Note - No, his comment was completely wrong. It cannot be justified by whining about everyone else. In the long term Real Madrid and Barcelona will not be playing other Spanish sides but be part of a pan-European league.}

11.) 04 Mar 2015
Agree with spurski about chelsea. without roman chelsea would be a average club like they were when I was young. they were one of the smallest clubs in london with gates of 25000 fans and a dog track stadium. even when they had a bit of success with bates they were never going to win the league and it was a triumph if they got in the top 4. now roman is there they are winning everything and spending billions. take romans money from them they would not get in the top 4 fact

12.) 05 Mar 2015
05 Mar 2015 00:08:28
One point to make is that there won't be another small/medium size club like Chelsea or Man City to be invested heavily in again.

{Ed002's Note - You are like some sort of halfwit. Everything you type is dribble.}

13.) 05 Mar 2015
Aww bless you ed002 you chelsea bun you.

14.) 05 Mar 2015
Ed001, what is ed002's problem? He might get grief off people which is unwarranted but I haven't said anything that is wrong or even his business. He might be knowledgeable but he is the halfwit here, a rude one aswell and what a surprise he didn't show my reply earlier.

{Ed002's Note - What reply is that? Your one about "bun" has been published but I have no idea what it is about. Your knowledge about the game, about Chelsea, about Spurs and everything else is clearly far short of everyone else.

I wish your father was the wanker you clearly are.}

15.) 05 Mar 2015
The reply I made earlier you inbred.

{Ed002's Note - It was about me being a "bun" and I posted it wherever it was. I have no idea what it means or if it is some sort of abusive terms that the trolls and other mindless knuckle-dragging morons like you use. I'll give time to help out with the questions for the decent Spurs fans but you need to find somewhere else to post your nonsense.}