10 Nov 2014 14:22:24
Well there you have it people, the fans are having a negative impact on the way our team performs. You want to blame everyone but yourselves. Well like I said previously accept your responsibility in the progress of our team and SUPPORT the side. White Hart Lane is becoming the library mk2 and it's being more and more destructive. It's no surprise that AVB struggled with home matches and now so does Mopo. I always hear it's Levys fault because of this and the managers because of that, Baldini has bought a load of dross or the players have no fight but the second I suggest our role in the downfall of our club you all get defensive. Well time to show the fight and desire you demand from the players and really get behind the team and if then come the end off the season we are still poor, well then point fingers.

Yellowcard, you only picked out a fraction of what ade said. I think he is actually pleading with the fans to give them the time and support they need as he believes the team and manager have the ability to turn it around, but when we play at home the pressure is a lot more severe. As soon as we concede it becomes a panic because they obviously do not want to disappoint the fans. C'mon guys regardless of what's happening on the pitch let's do our part in the stands atleast then we can say we did our best even if the players cannot.

Yours sincerely Daniel Levy in disguise.

1.) 10 Nov 2014
Let me see if I get this right. The customers (fans) of a business (THFC) are unhappy with the product.

According to the employees (Ade) of said business it is the customers fault the product is poor.

Really, you want to make that argument?

2.) 10 Nov 2014
10 Nov 2014 16:03:38
Yeah I'm sure I do as I cannot effect a product from say a shop by screaming and singing at it. For example my tv works no better when I sing at it and on the flip side works just aswell when there is a bad atmosphere in the room as it is unable to feel the negativity in the room. Although I do get what your trying to say it doesn't work so well in this argument. Ade did also say the players are also to blame and need to up their game but the negativity is not helping. The problem is that we are nervous before we even enter the stadium as we are expecting the worst. Although the players and manager are the reason behind these nerves we need to rise above it and cheer the side on regardless so atleast we can say we've played our part like I said previously.

Ed, if you received two posts from me that are similar can you please post the first one as I'm sure I worded it better but I'm not sure if I sent it or accidentally deleted it, many thanks.

{Ed007's Note - This is the only post that came through.}

3.) 10 Nov 2014
And should be he last! Ever.

4.) 10 Nov 2014
I understand that this is not a real business/product by standard definitions and yes the atmosphere in the ground can and does affect the players.

But the performances appear to be regressing not improving. earlier in this short season one could see signs of MoPo's pressing philosophy. This has gone awol in recent games, is this the players, coaches or fans fault?

i believe if fans see progress and at a bare minimum effort from the players then the fans will support them. Too many times already in this short season the players show no commitment to the cause.

I don't agree with booing a commited team. But these players earn how much a week? More than most fans earn in a year I would guess - then they run out and play like a disinterested bunch of individuals and are surprised the fans turn on them. It really isn't that difficult to comprehend.

5.) 10 Nov 2014
10 Nov 2014 17:34:59
Spot on Yellow-Card, what right as hardworking overpaying fans do we have to boooo when the goings not so good. They earn good money to run around in our beloved shirt, a right that all of our overpaying fans would give their right arm for. We pay you bloody wages, so if you can't stand the booo`s or criticism then pull your bloody fingers out

6.) 10 Nov 2014
Where does this bloke live, cloud cuckoo land? If we, the fans, sit back, clap and cheer the dross that our overpaid and un worked players are dishing out, what incentive will they have to try harder . I can see our old mate Alan Sugar, sat at his desk, talking to one of his workers, saying, look your performing very badly but never mind, I will keep cheering you on, paying you large wages, till the end of the year, then if it's not picked up, we can sort it then!
Get real please!!

7.) 10 Nov 2014
10 Nov 2014 19:27:44
Northeast why should it be my last? Because I put across valid points people have no response to? If you want to join the conversation then feel free to do so but atleast have something productive to bring to the debate like say yellowcard does instead of snide little remarks which offer no more than getting you more acceptance amongst the masses on here.

Yellowcard, I'm not solely blaming the fans as it seems like you think. Obviously the manager, players and board have their part to play in this aswell but my point (which seems to be getting missed in all of this) is that instead of playing the blame game let's just do our part and support the team, sing from the second the ball is kicked till the final whistle atleast that way we can hold our heads up high knowing we did our part. We complain about the lack of effort from our players but ignore the lack of effort being offered by ourselves. It works both ways, do you not agree? No your right it is easy to understand of course but the team hasn't really been given the time to get a understanding in a place, it's been 11 games and we share the same amount of points as Liverpool and are behind our target of fourth by four points. It's really not that bad!

Much love, I've said it enough times on here that it is your choice to pay money to the club nobody forces your hand. You do not have to spend £40 on a shirt, you do not have to attend games. Most pubs show these matches regularly so why do you belive the club owes you anything. The money earnt from ticket sales is minimal compared to what they get from tv rights and sponsorship, is it not? So no need to act as if you "you pay their wages".

Davo, I see once again you couldn't think of a response to our previous conversation so decided not to reply but decided to jump in on this conversation and try to insult me when you have others to help you out. Can you not have a debate with me without resorting to childish remarks? Does it really annoy you that much that I'm obviously so much smarter than you are. If you cannot come up with a way to get your point across then give up mate, without the stress you will live longer.

P.s I live in Cornwall so when I attend games I'm sure it costs me far more with the travelling and accommodation costs than it does you but that doesn't give me the divine right to demand more. Seeing as at the end of the day it's my choice to attend games, nobody makes me.

8.) 10 Nov 2014
I appreciate your point of view and don't totally disagree but to say no person has a response to your valid points leads me to believe you choose not to consider the other points of view.

So let's all get behind our team and cheer them on as a they continue to perfom like a team that belongs mid table of the championship.

9.) 10 Nov 2014
10 Nov 2014 20:03:29
Spurs1985, while I agree with a lot you say I would like to say that the team have to give us something back. Adebayor used this situation for himself as he receives the most negativity. He has no right to say anything really.

Im angry too, supporting spurs makes you ill so I try to be positive but sometimes you can't. Yesterday was pathetic. I bkame Poch as much as the players, his rotation espcially in defence is a joke. Making Kaboul the captain was farcical.

Use the players we have now to their strengths (if some of them have any) and forget this 'philosophy' crap until we have the players.

Slating spurs1985 for his views is bull because the lad is supporting spurs and that's it. It gets incredibly reoetitive on hear, we know Rose, Naughton are rubbish so let's move on.

10.) 10 Nov 2014
10 Nov 2014 20:29:54
Sorry yellowcard card that obviously read different than I meant it to as what I meant is I respond to people's post regardless of whether I'm right or wrong and try my best to explain whereas others (yourself not included) just say really childish things then hide from the rest of the conversation. Of course what I'm saying is controversial, I'm aware of that. But I read this site daily and listen to the constant moaning on here but stay quiet and accept people's views but I just felt people need to hear another opinion on the way things are and then I get insulted because my view is different than theirs. I'm up for a someone to put a valid point across to why I'm wrong, well I still haven't heard it. Although you clearly do not agree with everything I say atleast you can respond in the right manner and put your point across correctly. Although I may not agree with you 100% I have responded to you respectively, have I not?

11.) 10 Nov 2014
1985, I don't appear to be the only one that disagrees with you!

Is there anyone who does agree with you?

Can I just ask you, is it too much to ask that these so called 'professional' footballers who are paid a decent wage that play for a team that I love and have done for many years, actually 'showed that they care' and 'made an effort'?

I live in the North East and the costs associated with me and my son coming to watch my team are probably more that some peoples wages! However, ALL I would request from the players is that they show commitment and try to transfer the gaffers beliefs during the weeks training into the matches!

Or does Levy just keep the managerial merry go round going at our club.

12.) 10 Nov 2014
10 Nov 2014 21:42:44
Wow, now that's a constructive well thought out post that has put me in my place (that is not sarcasm by the way) I actually cannot think of anything to say that would add anything more to this conversation based on your comments. I guess the frustration of our performances makes it hard to listen to somebody saying things are not as bad as they appear which is why you can respond in a proper manner because as you say, you try to see the positives.

13.) 10 Nov 2014
1985 we're good, it's a good conversation. I won't cheer for a bunch of individuals that don't at least make some effort for the team I've followed for over 45 years, I won't boo them either.

But this bunch looks like one of the worst collections of individuals I've seen at our club. Add to that we seem to be getting worse over 11+ games not better.

MoPo looks forelorn on the sideline - it's hard to imagine any other business, a professional being paid 170k per week saying he doesn't understand what his manager wants him to do. Just watch the tapes of Soton from last season we're not putting rockets on the moon, then again those people probably got paid less and were motivated.

14.) 10 Nov 2014
10 Nov 2014 22:38:37
Just to be clear my post above was aimed at Spurski's reply.

Northeast, do you honestly think I could care less if people agree with me? Do my posts read as though I'm trying to make friends? I accept my posts are controversial and people don't want to hear them. All everyone wants to hear is that we are a shambles. That said it does appear someone agrees with me, that would be yourself northeast as my original point was that we need to support the team to stop this manager merry go-round. I know a lot more has come from the original post, which I expected that's why I ended the post with "let the abuse and negative comments commence".

But no, it's not too much to ask but is not fair to ask for us to also give our best like we demand from the players? See if that gives the players the lift and confidence they need? If that doesn't work and say half way through the season we are still awful then start asking questions? I mean we are only a little way over a quarter of the season through. It may take longer than we all want but are we really that poor a group of supporters that we give up on the team we love so easily. Let me put it differently, would you give up on your wife/girlfriend as easily because things are looking bleak? Or would you put every ounce of fight you had into it until it's clear as crystal it's not going to work? I know I sure as hell will because I fight for the things I love. I'm not sure of the reason behind our awful performances but I do believe it has a lot to do with the many changes of managers we've had. We've got 20+ players bought in by 4 different managers to suit 4 different systems now that just isn't going to work straight away and will need time people are unwilling to give.

15.) 11 Nov 2014
10 Nov 2014 22:59:14
Yellowcard, it has been a good conversation your right. I've really enjoyed the debate we've all had on here, that's aimed at everyone who's been involved by the way. We all want the same thing from our club but I suppose we just have different views on how that can happen.

Fair enough, that is your choice but I'm not saying to necessarly cheer the individuals but the club as a whole. I mean if having WHL at full volume was to guarantee us to win the game (or at very least create a decent performance from our players) would you not do everything you could to help that happen? I know I would, I would play my part for 90 mins. I would not stop until I'd lost my voice (as I have done at many games) but that's just because I honestly believe the fans have just as much to do with the performance on the field as the manager and players, I could be wrong though.

16.) 11 Nov 2014
Given that we have 20+ players acquired for 4 managers with different styles - does it not seem sensible that the current manager use the players he has at his disposable to the best of their ability and transition over 2, 3 or 4 transfer windows to his chosen philosophy rather than try to force round pegs into square holes?

And wouldn't that approach be more acceptable and likely produce better results than a team that looks lost and uncommitted, not just on the pitch but also in the stands.

17.) 11 Nov 2014
11 Nov 2014 04:12:17
1985, a lot of what you say is incorrect imo.

However crack on with your 'let's support the players' and it would appear that you have a new keyboard with the length of opinion you post!

Ps we are all entitled to an opinion too.

18.) 11 Nov 2014
11 Nov 2014 07:52:27
Northeast, you say it's incorrect but then have no examples of why, typical. Atleast if your going to try have a debate bring something to the table don't just dismiss what I say. The length of my posts have nothing to do with the device I use to type, it's to do with the fact my argument has a lot more thought to it and I can justify the words I write. It appears you cannot do the same.

Yes of course you are and can clearly see further down when someone actually makes a good point I concede and accept the point yg they make. Unfortunately people like yourself just resort to snide remarks and use sentences like "I'm entitled to my opinion" to hide behind instead of usinig a couple of your brain cells in a detailed explanation as to why your opinion is correct.

I don't expect that to happen now though so I'll just get on board with the blame game, that'll make you all happy. Imo it's the ball boys fault, they don't get the ball back to the players fast enough. Useless young men!

19.) 11 Nov 2014
Yet again 1985 yet again. will you ever learn.

Just for the record, I am busy running my 4 businesses to sit here responding to everyone's criticism of my team, unlike some. However for someone so young you know EVERYTHING!! sarcasm!!

You must perceive that all the garbage that you type is correct and that nobody else has an opinion.

For the record, whilst we have been playing ATROCIOUS for the past 2 years (if you check out my historical posts) I have been banging on about getting behind the team, however losses in 2014 / 15 season West Brom, Liverpool (again), Newcastle (again), Stoke. 2013 / 14 season Wet spam, Newcastle, Liverpool ALL at HOME!

come on, and the way in which we are playing. yes let's get behind the team. Sarcasm.

20.) 11 Nov 2014
11 Nov 2014 14:28:11
Yes at home where the atmosphere is rubbish, because of the so called fans, my point exactly. Will you never learn? Not sarcasm!

21.) 11 Nov 2014
Help me understand how the travelling fans are the reason for such poor performances at Villa and the second half at Asteras?

22.) 11 Nov 2014
11 Nov 2014 17:30:36
Fair point yellowcard but one and a half bad away games would probably be considered good don't you think? seeing as teams are supposed to struggle away from home.

23.) 11 Nov 2014
My point again 1985 you just seem to have an answer, to EVERYTHING.

How can us mere mortals compare.

24.) 11 Nov 2014
But, 1985, it's not just one and half away games is it?

Do you really feel like the performances and player commitment are improving?

25.) 11 Nov 2014
11 Nov 2014 19:55:27
No unfortunately I don't yellowcard, I think we are finding it difficult. I have my reasons as to why I think it's happening but I cba to go into detail because I know it's not worth it on this page.

Northeast, yes I do because I actually understand my point clearly you do not. The fact is the reason we are even talking is because the initial comment you wrote, saying I should not post ever again. That's the kind of intellect you pocess I'm not surprised you find it difficult to understand.

26.) 11 Nov 2014
Clearly 1985