31 Dec 2021 17:42:10
Lukaku dragging FC Fordstam in the mud ????.

1.) 01 Jan 2022
01 Jan 2022 18:25:42
Brilliant Guvnor.

2.) 02 Jan 2022
02 Jan 2022 19:55:25
I think he’ll be put on the transfer list after his recent comments.

Dropped today. And quite right.
Very disrespectful. All is not well in the Chelsea camp. ha ha.

3.) 02 Jan 2022
02 Jan 2022 20:46:38
I can't see anyone paying even 50m for Lukaku let alone what Chelse paid for him. If you're Chelse it's unforgiveable what he said ????.

4.) 02 Jan 2022
02 Jan 2022 21:02:24
Would you take him guvnor.? If he said “he wanted to be reunited with Conte”.?

5.) 03 Jan 2022
03 Jan 2022 00:41:06
I still can't make up my mind about him Dr. He can obviously score goals but he just looks soo bad to me most of the time.

The way I see it atm is if Conte wants them then that's OK for me. Conte is very deliberate and precise so he'll know what he wants.

I reckon if someone slapped a 70m bid in for him tomorrow then Chelsea would sell, but there's no way Levy is paying that for him.

I'd much rather we go all out for Vlahovic and I think we will.

6.) 03 Jan 2022
03 Jan 2022 11:37:54
Bang on that post mate.! We’ve got to trust Conte totally agree.!

Is the Fiorentina striker that good.?
Will he cut it in the premiership. There’s a lot of noise from various clubs about this boy. So I guess he’s ticking the boxes. I just hope its not another Soldado, Rebrov, Lamela, scenario.

- We need another striker,
- 2 central midfielders with creativity / football brain. (Kessie is being mentioned)
- Right back (Not to convinced with Emerson) , As you said that “Lamptey”
- Centre half.

The 2 midfielders will be starters, So we can put Hojberg and Skipp on the bench. (Which please our mate mwheels)

And a good clear out. Hopefully generate some funds.

7.) 03 Jan 2022
03 Jan 2022 15:42:32
Vhalovic is class mate,