18 Oct 2020 18:25:08
Absolutely pathetic 3 up against dross and blew it, we stopped playing when 3 up and that's what happens when you sit back.

{Ed047's Note - it all went pear shaped after you brought Bale on mate, he missed a golden chance too!

1.) 18 Oct 2020
18 Oct 2020 18:31:51
Spursy. We'll never ever change.

{Ed047's Note - it’s weird Chalky as I was thinking on my drive home from work how you could really be a force this season and then that happens.

It’s just a weird season altogether mate and we’re only a few games in.

2.) 18 Oct 2020
18 Oct 2020 18:44:12
Until we get rid of dross like Winks, Lamela, Sanchez and Lamela we'll never change. I think we'll get top 4 but our centre backs do concern me.

What was Winks doing on the 3rd goal, absolutely pathetic. Just bloody whack it.

{Ed047's Note - agree on Winks mate, what your new young CB like, is he for the now or future?

3.) 18 Oct 2020
18 Oct 2020 19:06:40
I've never seen him play apart from the Wales game against England and he was average. Put it this way, he's not Skriniar!

{Ed047's Note - ahh ok mate, I’d not heard of him before. You hoping to get Skriniar in the January window?

4.) 18 Oct 2020
18 Oct 2020 19:37:09
I'm still confident of a trophy this season but we go missing too much in the premier league, we should be top of the league tonight if we didn't drop silly points against Newcastle and West ham.

5.) 19 Oct 2020
19 Oct 2020 15:45:28
Yeah i'd like to get him in for Jan, I think both our CB spots are up for grabs.

It would be nice to think that Tanganga and Rodon would be our immediate future but I can't see Mourinho going with that, yet. We also have another talented CB coming through called Malachai Walcott.