10 Jul 2020 19:59:24
Well, we did warn you. A Manager who the modern game has left behind still thinks the world is against him. United and Spurs, 2 teams known for playing football the right way, what on Earth were our Chairmen thinking?

This could get worse before it gets better, slagging off the players publicly, berating the lack of funds, sulking, whining, this will be your next 12 months. Good luck.

{Ed002's Note - It is about unkept commitments. It was always going to end in a food fight with the two people involved.}

1.) 10 Jul 2020
10 Jul 2020 21:32:09
I think very few people are surprised . the fact we got here this quickly may be a surprise, likely a side effect of C.V. induced cash flow issues.

2.) 11 Jul 2020
11 Jul 2020 00:06:40
Thanks ajh he ruined the biggest club in England, and now he's turned a club known for entertaining football into the most boring side in the country, you lot will be back within 2 years with ole and have a bright future again mate unlike us.

3.) 11 Jul 2020
11 Jul 2020 09:04:20
On a side note ajh I don't recall moyes or van gael playing entertaining football.

4.) 11 Jul 2020
11 Jul 2020 15:20:52
Agreed, we’ve had years or dreary football. Moyes was a shocking choice and Van Gaal was well past his best but part of a longer term plan, which we then changed and sacked him.

The issue with Jose is that he just seems to set up very defensively and be relying on past glories. When he first arrived at Chelsea he was immensely likeable and even charming but in recent years he has become very very grumpy, and the football is dire.