13 Jan 2019 18:04:33
Surely Levy can see from looking at the bench today that outside the starting XI our squad is incredibly poor. Absolutely threadbare, no one to turn to or capable of changing a game.

As for Trippier, what is his obsession with cross field passes when a simple 5 yard pass is on, boy frustrates the life out of me!

1.) 14 Jan 2019
14 Jan 2019 08:44:24
Lamela frustrates me more. Finds space, then stands still screaming for the ball, gets the ball then runs into the tightest space on the field with it, loses the ball then recklessly goes to ground to try and get it back. Yesterday was another prime example of it and it does it time and time again. He has the ability to become such a great player I just think his decision making and reading of the game is so poor.