09 Jan 2019 12:45:14
Fantastic win again last night although Chelsea dominated the match, I thought VAR was excellent last night but I thought the keeper should have been sent off, I'm also fed up of players trying to hurt Harry Kane but there's no stopping the greatest finisher in the country. We are still in 4 completions and we need one of them big time but I still think Chelsea will turn us over in the replay.

1.) 09 Jan 2019
09 Jan 2019 17:43:07
Wow was not expecting that post raver.

2.) 09 Jan 2019
09 Jan 2019 20:35:50
I don't lift poster boy of the year cups every May for no reason wodbod, I'm honest, very intelligent and a joker.

3.) 09 Jan 2019
09 Jan 2019 22:28:34
Raver, Kane getting walloped is nothing compared to Hazard.

The referees offer little protection to skilful players.

I think you are hot favourites to go through to the final but it will be an intriguing match.

4.) 10 Jan 2019
10 Jan 2019 14:25:35
Tom, I said before the draw that spurs would win at Wembley and you will beat us at the bridge, I think you will beat us by 2 or 3 goals in the 2nd leg as we love being spursy when it matters, as for hazard he's absolute world class footballer and would walk into any team in the world, he gets fouled a lot because he's world class and that's the only way players can stop him.

5.) 10 Jan 2019
10 Jan 2019 19:46:11
Very intelligent raver? You can’t say that, your a spurs fan 😂.

6.) 11 Jan 2019
10 Jan 2019 23:51:44
Balanced post raver.

My real point was about protecting quality players and the standard of Premiership refereeing!

7.) 11 Jan 2019
10 Jan 2019 23:39:44
I've got all my GCSEs mate😎.

8.) 11 Jan 2019
11 Jan 2019 10:23:04
It shows! ’.