13 Dec 2018 10:46:37
Firstly let us all smile after Missiom Imoossible in the Champions League. Funny how Arsenal, Chelsea and West Ham supporters are now looking stupid after mocking us so much.

Here we are sitting 3rd in The Premiership and now in the final 16 of the Champions League. We have a foundation to dream about a real challenge for the title and dare I even mention winnjng the Champions League. Most will laugh and tell you Manchester City are already home and dry and have too many superstars in every position to possibly drop points and all I will say is 'Leicester City' did it. Most will say Bayern Munich, Man City, Barcelona and Real Madrid are too powerful and we have no chance in the Champions League, but all I will say is remember Liverpool won it in similar circumstances.

What are the foundations missing and can we pull off the impossible in January now we have massive revenues guaranteed from the Champions League.

GK - We probably have the best combination of keepers in the Premiership. Lloris, Gazziniga and Vorm is about as good as it gets.

LB - Rose looked back to his very best against Barcelona and Davies offers a reliable coverage. I would love to see Ryan Sessegnon coming to Spurs and seek Davies. This way Rose and Sessegnon can fight for places if we are to think of the next level.

CB - Alderweireld and Vertonghen offer the best partnership in the league. Add Sanchez and Foyth who is improving and we have a perfect balance. Even Carter Vickers looked half decent on loan and will be improving around world class players like Toby. Nothing needed apart from a new contract signed for Toby.

RB - Trippier was England's best player and Aurier needs a little longer. Walker-Peters has a nightmare at Barcelona. It looks one for the future. I feel we need a world class player like Valencia in this position to challenge Trippier and let Aurier probably go in the summer if things don't work out too well.

CM - Major issues here with the amazing and mercurial Dembele looking to be too injury prone for a top side. Sissoko has really improved in this deeper position and dare I say is looking almost Viera like in his latest performances. I believe his form will be short lived and do not see the atteibutes of a world class player. Youri Tielemans is the player we need and with his club needing money it might be the perfect time to strike with a £35-40m offer. Harry Winks looks average to me regardless of the hype I hear from others.

CDM -Wanyama looked great before his injury. Dier is a solid classy option but perhaps with Tielemans alongside it might be too defensive. I believe Rabiot is the man we should buy as PSG have other plans seemingly without this superstar. £45m well spent in my opinion and alongside Youri Tielemans it could be sensational. Sissoko and Winks would provide good cover and Dembele and Wanyama once fit moved in before their injuries become deal breakers.

LAM - Son looks world class and should be an auto selection. His goals and assists ratio is sensational. If we acquired Sessegnon as above then we would have cover as Ryan could player higher up in this role or Moura, Lamela, Eriksen and even Alli can play anywhere across the line.

CAM - Eriksen is the fulcrum to the team. Sensestinal and dimly world class. His brain unlocks the opposition and must be first choice. Alli for me is second fiddle to Christian Eriksen and must be used as back up for the king.

RAM - Lucas Moura has come alive this season. World class player who will be sensational in the future. Time to make him first choice at RAM with Lanela as his back up.

CF - Kane is simply outstanding but we need something more to back him up. Llorente need to be sold along with Janssen as soon as he is fit. We would be better with Defoe in the bench than some of the names being linked. It is time to buy Arnautovic who has always been class and would give you real confidence he could change a game if introduced alongside Kane.

Dreams have to be big if we want to win something. Davies, Dembele, Wanyama, Llorente and Janssen to leave. Sessegnon, Rabiot, Tielemans and Arnautovic to make the dream a reality.

One thing is certain we are not dreaming about being alive in the CL and Premiership. The question one needs to consider is whether we have the appetite to invest and challenge for glory.

January will be our finest hour. Big money is available and I for one am beginning to believe the dream.

1.) 13 Dec 2018
13 Dec 2018 17:12:10
Fantastic post oracle the raver really enjoyed reading that mate, do you remember when wodbod said spurs are the biggest joke in the champions league and was laughing that we have failed to get out of the group 😃😃 he’s now turned into paul Daniels again and has failed to show his mug on these pages after spurs qualified for the last 16 as the great Paul would say that's MAGIC.

2.) 13 Dec 2018
13 Dec 2018 18:03:13
Love you Raver and COYS we are nearing glory days again after a long sleep.