06 Dec 2018 22:28:31
Ed’s can you tell me what has happened to the ravers sidekick Ellis Dee he’s Not posted for ages and I’ve heard rumours he kicked off at the charity match and wanted to fight one of the Ed’s is this correct.

{Ed033's Note - It appears that Ellis Dee has decided to stop posting.

As far as i know, the rumour is not correct about the charity match.

1.) 07 Dec 2018
07 Dec 2018 18:27:00
Hi ed033,

Ellis Dee did in fact threaten an Ed mate, it wasn’t at the Charity match itself but he threatened to turn up at the match and beat him up on the Arsenal live chat page.

The Ed in question is a Liverpool Ed and I think, arranges that charity game, he wasn’t bothered as I think he’s a big lad and can look after himself.

2.) 08 Dec 2018
08 Dec 2018 12:21:47
The Ellis poster went in big time, declaring the inside track on the your stadium build.

Believing the Spurs management rather than any poster who presented the facts.

I will be very concerned if and when we ever build a new stadium.