07 Mar 2018 22:00:03
Bad luck boys, probably should not have gone out. But that's the little worry with you guys, not quite there but close again.

1.) 07 Mar 2018
07 Mar 2018 22:20:30
it's the 'not killing teams off' Steve, like your lot at Wembley should have been 5 or 6. good run none the less given we played Dortmund, Madrid and Juventus and lost 1 match

and unless we won it, there was always going to be some sledging. Munich cough cough.

good luck on Thursday 😁.

2.) 07 Mar 2018
07 Mar 2018 22:45:06
Nes, no mine was a genuine post. I know some can't help the sniping. Still there's always one. Sometimes you have to rise above the idiots. Good luck with the trophy hunting. Cough cough.

3.) 08 Mar 2018
08 Mar 2018 06:49:02
yes sure. finished cough cough.